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The best leveraged financial data management service
A centralized solution, unique on the market

  • One of the most performing and evolutive data models of the market;
  • An interface towards the principal financial information suppliers such as Telekurs, Interactive Data, WM Daten, Bloomberg, Reuters, allowing you to interface:
    • Basic data;
    • Cash Flows;
    • Maturity & Conversion;
    • Early Redemptions;
    • Prices & Financial Ratios;
    • Corporate Actions;
    • EU Withholding Tax;
    • Swift counterparty information.
  • The automatic supply of harmonized financial data, standardized and verified on the basis of pre-defined rules, allowing you to compare, for example, Corporate Actions, prices, or even Basic Data. If you want to, data will pass through several controls before being delivered to you, thus ensuring consistently high quality;
  • Once CETRELSecurities has prepared, enriched, compared the data, it can be delivered to you in any format you may require;
  • A detailed analysis of your environment allowing our consultants to optimize the integration and utilization of your financial data;
  • A comprehensive and tailored event calendar;
  • A first class customer service supported by monitored Service Level Agreements and guaranteed by our PSF accreditation.