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Data Feed Integration: The heart of CETRELSecurities
Its all about improving data quality while optimizing costs and mastering risks

Besides offering you basic modules as integration of:

  • Prices & Ratio;
  • Basic Data;
  • Corporate Actions;
  • Cash Flows;
  • EU tax;
  • Event Calendar.

Main features:

  • Automatic download of files according to your selection files;
  • Handling of your individual selection files;
  • Generation of initial load and daily updates for every selection file;
  • Generation of export records for data distribution and application integration in multiple formats with fully interpreted codes and keys;
  • Intra-day processing.

CETRELSecurities has developed added value packages including comprehensive services such as:

  • Basic Data Scrubbing;
  • MIFID Reference Data;
  • Risk Management;
  • Advanced Optional Corporates Handling;
  • Mandatory Corporates Proofing;
  • Price Scrubbing;
  • MT564 Generator.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-provider solution;
  • Existing interfaces with the major banking packages, and easy to develop interfaces with any banking environment;
  • Fully automated data processing;
  • Solution hosted by CETRELSecurities;
  • Fully secured and DRP compliant environment;
  • Backing of data flows.