What do we offer ?

What do we offer ?

Financial Data Integration: From Complexity to STP

CETRELSecurities offers you a one stop shop easy access to the world’s leading Financial Data Providers

Accurate valuations, compliance measurements, managed operational risk depend on the automatic integration of consistent sources.

Transport scheduler

Retrieval times for data from different sources are synchronized


The different feed structures are interpreted and mapped to CETRELSecurities business oriented internal DB

DB loaders

Mapped and formatted data are imported to the CETRELSecurities Database (CETSecDB)

Data comparison

Quality checks are applied, data are validated and alerts generated

Package builder

Validated data are logically grouped in order to fulfill customer’s business requirements

DB export interfaces

Data are formatted in order to comply with the end-users system requirements and formats

CETRELSecurities integrates and compares automatically all the information you may need for your daily activity, letting you focus on what makes the difference for your clients: your business expertise.

Retrieving the data is automatic, you simply select the data you need according to predefined rules, and CETRELSecurities provides you with all the requested information coming from the right data vendors.