Data Products & Services

Data Products & Services

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Qualified Pricing Service 4

QPS4 establishes daily valuation prices on the basis of current regulations (UCITS, InvRBV, IFRS7 and IAS39) and client specific tolerances.

The goal of the QPS4 – Fund Valuation service is the daily establishment of an appropriate valuation price (“Faire Value”) for the portfolio holdings of investment funds or private banking portfolios as well as continuous monitoring thereof. The product is user community driven and multi data provider capable. A comprehensive Graphical User Interface allows an efficient and auditable Exception handling.

Securities Master File & Business Process Outsourcing

The Master Data solution has been created to simplify and secure data management, acting as a single source for data providing. The financial data is managed in a solution developed and operated centrally by CETRELSecurities for Master Data scrubbing.

Main features

  • Within the standard SIX data delivery channels
  • Definition of a data field matrix to open an instrument in a security master
  • The client can send Ad hoc requests to open instruments automatically.
  • The validation of exceptions is done via an intuitive GUI.
  • Multi-vendor choice is available
  • A SLA defines the turn-around times for automated opening of standard instruments.


UCITS Check (Direct)

The UCITS directive provides rulings and guidelines for pre- and post-trade checks to be done by UCITS compliant investment funds in relation with instruments acquired for the fund’s underlying assets. The aim of UCITS is to guarantee that the underlying portfolio constituents of a regulated fund are risk-transparent and liquid. In this context a pre-trade check has to be done to determine whether or not an instrument is eligible according to the provisions of the UCITS directive and the CESR guidelines.

With UCITS Check Direct, the eligibility of individual instruments is checked, from a 31 million instruments database. The client has an online access through a Graphical User Interface, and can log intraday ad-hoc requests. A detailed PDF report (eligibility per instrument) is made available to the client.

UCITS Check Mutation provides daily eligibility check based on the client’s instrument portfolio and a detailed PDF report (eligibility per instrument).