Data Reliability

Data Reliability

Advanced controls all the way through

Security comparison facility – The Touchstone of Data Reliability


In a challenging regulatory environment, data quality becomes a tackling issue.

By applying advanced controls and comparisons, CETRELSecurities’ SCF module will help you in your various compliance, reporting, and quality-insurance tasks.



Data to be compared are defined along the attributes available in a business oriented database, the CETRELSecurities proprietary EDM platform. More than 23 million financial instruments are updated every 15 minutes and 1.800 attributes or calculated values may be defined, either from a single source or from several providers.


Quality checks / Rules

We have defined standard basis rules for price and tolerance checks, as well as for cash flows and fundamental data. All of these rules may be easily adapted to customer specific business requirements.


Warning and Correction

Data having passed the checks are automatically sent to the end user environments. Exceptions are handed out to the customer in various formats, or using our web portal interface which is used to input the corrected data. Once corrected the data are delivered to the end user systems. Our BPO team may handle these exceptions for you.

Exception and tolerance lists are automatically generated and submitted to your or our specialists using a comprehensive and customizable web-application.

Rules are defined along the customers’ specific needs and applied to:

  • Price controls and checks
  • Corporate actions proofing
  • Risk relevant reference data are packaged and calculated, e.g. group-structures, issued debt, market capitalization, …


Our services are based on formal Service Level Agreements: any discrepancy brings to a tailored action plan, and eventually penalties.



PSF accreditation – the guarantee for commitment.