New SOFiE Release V6.05.04 (2022-11-16)



We would like to inform you that a new version "V6.05.04 (2022-11-16)" will be available as of November 16, 2022

This update is only necessary for SOFiE Sort users and concerns the items listed below.

1. BCL - New table S1.5 layout 4:

Please take note of the circular letter ST.22-0449 of the BCL regarding the introduction of the new table S1.5 layout 4 from the reporting referring to December 2022. 

The related documents can be consulted on the BCL website: S 1.5 "Information on interest rates in EUR".

The TEST channel will be available with the BCL as of November 16 (using the TEST Context in your SOFiE client).

Please note that this is a TEST channel and S1.5 layout 4 can only be sent in PRODUCTION mode from January 1, 2023.

2. CSSF - EBA V3.2 taxonomies

Please take note of the implementation of the new naming conventions concerning the reports for credit institutions using the naming convention "COFREP".

You will find this information in the Reporting Handbook and the latest version of the CSSF naming convention.

Our dedicated SOFiE Helpdesk is available for any technical question at (+352) 355 66 - 600 (option 1), or by E-mail : info mail=