Electronic Data Management

Reference data is the engine of today’s banking business

To obtain high quality financial information, you need to integrate first-class sources. To help you maximizing the added value of the information coming from the major Financial Data Providers and other sources (e.g. regulators), CETREL Securities has developed a unique state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform for the Luxembourg and the European financial markets.

CETREL Securities is specialized since more than a decade in Leveraged Data Feed integration, Compliance products and Business Process Outsourcing services. We interface all banking applications with the best Financial Data Providers of the market, increasing the level of straight through processing of our clients, while avoiding them to install and maintain any complex in-house application (Software as a Service).

CETREL Securities EDM Services Overview

Our clients are located around the globe relying on our business expertize and ready-to-use and modular products and services. Increased data quality, unique business expertize, decreased total cost of ownership, and a comprehensive customer service are four reasons to work with CETREL Securities.