About the Company

In 2006, CETREL Securities S.A. was founded as a regulated company supervised by the Luxembourg Financial Regulator (CSSF) and dedicated to providing financial data and regulatory reporting services, with CETREL S.A. being its sole shareholder.

In 2014, CETREL Securities was acquired by SIX Payment Services Europe and since 2019 both are now integrated into Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A.

In July 2023, CETREL Securities merged into Worldline Europe S.A., and is now integrated into the Worldline Financial Services global business line.

Financial Data

To gather financial information bearing high business value, Financial Institutions need to integrate and map first-class data sources originating from various areas. Worldline Europe helps you unlocking the value added lying in raw financial information and leveraging financial data feeds into tailored solutions by integrating and mapping data originating from a wide list of sources: securities & issuers reference data providers, exchanges, credit rating agencies, corporate data providers, regulators… Worldline Europe has developed a unique state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform addressing the challenges faced by Financial Institutions.

Worldline Europe has almost two decades of specialization in the areas of Electronic Data Management, Compliance, Business Process Outsourcing and Client-Tailored Solutions. We interface all financial applications with the most appropriate Financial Data Providers, increasing the level of straight through processing of our clients, while reducing the need to install and maintain any complex in-house application.

Our clients are located worldwide, relying on our business expertise, ready-to-use and modular products and services. Increased data quality, unique business expertise, decreased total cost of ownership, and a comprehensive client service are among the key benefits you can expect while working with Worldline Europe.

Legal & Fund Reporting

Worldline Europe offers the Secure Online Reporting Transfer (SOFiE SORT – ATLAS) service, addressing the Legal Reporting & Fund Reporting data transmission challenges toward regulators. Our platforms enable secured and seamless data transfer towards the 3 following Luxembourg regulatory bodies:

  • Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
  • Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (BCL)
  • Commissariat Aux Assurances (CAA)

Worldline Europe – 2 Business Lines

Key Elements

Proprietary Platforms
  • C-SETTLE for Financial Data
  • ATLAS for secured file transfer to regulators
Internal Coverage
  • US/CA, Asia, Europe
  • Fund administrators, Retail & Custody banks, Asset Managers
  • Main targets: Back- (Financial Data management) & Middle Office (Complicance)
Regulatory Company
  • Since creation in 2006
  • CSSF = Lux. Fin. Market Supervisory Body
  • Administrative Agent + Secondary IT Operators
Regulated End-Customers

1.5 mio. / year
Files channeled with 3 regulators

ca. 36 mio.
Financial Instruments maintained every 15 minutes with hundreds of attributes

Financial Data Sources Integrated

ca. 8 of Top 10
Biggest international custodians (AuM) are served with critical data

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