Client Specific Solutions

Client Specific Codifications (SIAM)

SIAM is a risk classification service which provides a unique risk qualifier and investment allocation code for all financial instruments, and following a normalized classification process.

SIAM classification could be customized to the needs of clients. SIAM classification is a four levels hierarchy, with classification rules easily adaptable to clients’ needs, and with exceptions addressed by our BPO team.
SIAM classification is useful to assess risks of investment portfolios and to facilitate the investment screening, based on an investable universe of financial instruments.

SIAM User Interface

Regulatory Reporting Codifications (CAA and CIC codes)

CIC & CAA risk codes is a service to assign & maintain CICs (complementary identification codes - asset characteristics & risk exposure) to invested assets for insurance products, and CAA risk classification for financial instruments used in unit-linked insurance products, and as defined in the "Lettre circulaire 15/3 and 08/1 du Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA)".

Risk Data

Risk Data fulfils the daily risk data metrics feeding for the client portfolio, as well as collateral management system needs.
The following data, at the instrument and issuer level are provided:

  • Voting rights
  • Right per shares
  • Market capitalisation
  • Denomination currency
  • Indicative Issue date
  • Maturity date
  • Issuer common information
  • Issuer sector
  • Issued debt amount
  • Guaranteed/Unguaranteed amount
  • Issuer domicile
  • Domicile classification
  • Global ultimate parent
  • Global issued amount
  • Average rating
  • Global market capitalization ...